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Brass Quintet


  1. Habanera
  2. Variations
  3. Currents
  4. Rondo


duration: 16 minutes

Available from : Thompson Edition

premiere: Indiana Chamber Brass, Bloomington, IN, 1988

audio (arrowheads navigate tracks):

   I-mp3   II-mp3   III-mp3   IV-mp3



Program Note

This quintet begins with a habanera, the characteristic dotted rhythm played by the Tuba. The relaxed, almost drunken, quality of the habanera is contrasted with a fast, energetic middle section.

The second movement is a playful set of variations based on a theme of expanding (or contracting) intervals. The theme is stated by the horn at the beginning. Four variations of contrasting character and a short epilogue follow.

"Currents," the third movement, is built around the idea of oscillation and fluidity, much like a leaf fluttering in a gentle breeze. A recurring sharp punctuation balances this smooth motion.

The fourth movement is a rondo which alternates its new theme (a hocketing line, played with rapid interchange between the ensemble) with material from the first three movements.



innova 588 Bridge 9230   Manhattan Brass - David Dzubay
Wayne du Maine, Lew Soloff, Ann Ellsworth, Michael Seltzer, David Taylor

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