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all water has a perfect memory (2007) sextet filaments of memory spin...
(1998) wind ensemble
       start    near end
American Midlife (2004)
Concerto for clarinet and orchestra
       1. Live or studio excerpts: start   end
       2. Live or studio excerpts: start   end
       3. Live or studio excerpts: start   end
Brass Quintet (1988) brass quintet
       1. Habanera; 2. Variations; 3. Currents; 4. Rondo
Cantate Domino (2011) chorus & organ
Capriccio for Violin and Piano (1998)   start  end
Chansons Innocentes (1988) nonet   start
dancesing in a green bay (1999) voice + 6 instruments
       1. between green/ mountains
       2. the/ sky/ was
       3. grEEn's d
       4. All in green went my love riding (n/a)
       5. six
       6. (sitting in a tree-)
       7. in the rain-
Delicious Silence (2010) solo violin
Double Black Diamond (2005/2007) chamber orchestra
Fanfares on Re for Ray
(2005) for wind ensemble
Footprints for Flute and Piano (2002)     start      end
For A While (2012)    I   II   III 
Four Songs (1984)    I   II   III   IV
HyPER mix (1991) electroacoustic tape
Inaugural Fanfare (2007) 6 trumpets       MIDI
Kukulkan II (2007 - fl/cl/vn/vc/pno version)
       1. Kukulkan's Ascent
       2. Water Run
       3. Celestial Determination
       4. Processional - Offering
       5. Quetzalcoatal's Sacrifice
       6. Kukulkan's Descent
Labyrinth (1994) ensemble       beginning of fast section   end
Light Fantastick (2007) orchestra  (MIDI)    intro   near end
Little Red Riding Hood suite for brass choir(1987)
       I. Fanfare;  II. Characters;  III. Confrontation/Chase; IV. March
Myaku (1999) wind ensemble      start   end
Northwest Passages (2004) chorus, nar., 5 instr.
       Portage #1a: "Setting Out"
       Portage #1b: "First Encounter"
          Song #1: Dream Song (Chippewa)
       Portage #2: "Standoff with the Teton Sioux"
          Song #2: War Song (Sioux)
       Portage #3: "White Cliffs"
          Song #3: War Song (Sioux)
       Portage #4: "Falls of the Missouri"
          Song #4: War Song (Sioux)
       Portage #5: "Continental Dive-Ft. Clatsop"
          Song #5: Dream Song (Wintu)
Of Man and Machines for Bass Trombone and three Tenor Trombones (1986)
       I. Pandemonium;  II. Contemplation;  III. Synchronism
Pathways (2005) 3 trumpets mp3
Projectus (1995) trumpet + wind octet     end
Ra! (2002) for wind ensemble
Ra! (1997) for orchestra
Roll (2004) for wind ensemble
St. Vitus' Dance (2003) brass quintet (excerpts)
       1. Tarantella in the churchyard of St. Magnus
       2. Lamentation of the Afflicted
       3. Kindling of the Nodfyr
       4. Festival of St. John's Day
Shadow Dance (2002) orchesta    excerpt
Shadow Dance (2006) all    end
Shake, Rattle & Roll (2004) wind ensemble
       I. Shake;  II. Rattle;  III. Roll
Siren Song (1987, rev. 1997) orchestra    start
Singing the Sun (2001) voice + 6 instruments
       1. The Ecchoing Green
       2. I taste a liquor never brewed
       3. The Cricket
       4. Song
       5. The Eagle
       6. Thou Orb Aloft Full-Dazzling
       7. Night
Snake Alley (1989/98) orchestra   start
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1995)
       I. Arabesque;  II. Reflections;  III. Reverberations
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1992)  
       I. Lament - dirge/recitative; II. Slipstream (escape)
Starry Messenger (2008) 7 percussionists
       1. Starfield
       2. Constellations
       3. Arecibo Nocturne (S.E.T.I)
       4. Jupiter
String Quartet No. 1 (2008)
       1. Voyage
       2. Starry Night
       3. S.E.T.I
       4. Wintu Dream Song
       5. Supernova
Symphonic Dance for orchestra (1985)  
       beginning         end
Symphony No. 1 (1996)
       I. Rage, rage...
       II. ...they dance their glories into shadow
       III. filaments of memory spin...
Symphony No. 2 (2016)
       I. Objects in Mirror are closer than they appear
       II. Reflections in Mirror may be distorted -
       III. by socially constructed ideas of beauty
Tantalus (1990) string orchestra live (outside in rain!)
Threnody (1987/93) string quartet sample
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (1992)
       I. courageous;  II. wistful; III. vehement
Two Celebratory Fanfares for Six Trumpets (1995)
       first fanfare     second fanfare
Volando for Clarinet Trio(2003)     start     end