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Double Black Diamond

(2005, rev. 2007) for chamber orchestra or ensemble

1*11*1/1111/2pc,pn,synth/strings (single or multiple)

duration: 11 minutes

Utah Arts Festival Chamber Orchestra, Andrew Rindfleisch, June 23, 2005
revised version:
Indiana University New Music Ensemble, David Dzubay, March 8, 2007


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Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra (Kirk Trevor), IndianaUniversity Jacobs School of Music New Music Ensemble (David Dzubay), National Repertory Orchestra (Carl Topilow), University of Southern California Contemporary Music Ensemble (Donald Crocket), Utah Arts Festival Chamber Orchestra (Andrew Rindfleisch)

ski utah

Commissioned by the Utah Arts Festival

First Prize in the 2007 Indiana State University Contemporary Music Festival/ Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition

Program Note

Asked to write a celebratory opening work for chamber orchestra for the Utah Arts Festival, I decided to write a piece called “Double Black Diamond,” after the rating for very challenging ski runs.  Opening with icy, wintry sounds, the work has three large sections, the first of which is a hazy dream of what lies ahead, with alternating slow and fast tempos, all a bit blurry and out of focus. The middle section evokes the rather mechanical climb up the mountain in a chairlift, with a constantly ascending harmonic progression.  The last third of the piece reflects a thrilling ride downhill, with sharp turns, surprises, air-time, one lost ski and perhaps a few bumps along the way.  Of course, I felt it important to research this work, so I spent a weekend in March of 2005 skiing near Salt Lake City, at Snowbird and Solitude. In 2007, I made a few revisions and added parts for tuba and synthesizer, in preparation for an East Coast Tour with the Indiana University New Music Ensemble.

Score Samples

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