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For A While

(2012) for soprano, violin & cello

Text: Julie Choffel

  1. Something Must Be Described
  2. The Beauties
  3. Producing For A While

duration: 18 minutes

premiere: Sharon Harms, Madalyn Parnas, Cicely Parnas
April 28, 2012, Fordham University - Lincoln Center, New York, NY.

live audio (arrowheads navigate tracks):

   I.     II.     III. 

Perusal Score



These songs were composed for Voices Up: New Music for New Poetry, a concert at Fordham University - Lincoln Center Campus.

The songs may be performed individually as well, particularly the third.

The poems are from Julie Choffel's The Hello Delay, published in March, 2012:

hello delay



Score Samples

(first page of each of the three songs):