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(2005) for trumpet trio

duration: 8 minutes

premiere: Indiana University Faculty Recital, Oct. 27, 2005. John Rommel, Thaddeus Archer, David Dzubay.






Program Note

Pathways was composed for a Faculty Recital at Indiana University in fall of 2005. The work divides into five parts, clearly delineated by a change of mute at each new section (cup, harmon, open, straight, open). In each section the three trumpets follow different pathways through similar material. These paths involve varying amounts of choice on the part of the performers with regard to ordering of phrases and timing. Overall, there is a crescendo both of volume and color; as well, the music speeds up with each new section. Pathways asks the performers to listen carefully to each other and react in musical ways, both contrasting and complementing each other’s turns of phrase.

Score Samples

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