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(2003) for clarinet trio

Instrumentation: Eb Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, Bb Bass Clarinet

duration: 4 minutes

premiere: July 11, 2003 at the international "Clarinetfest 2003", held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

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Program Note

Composed for Zephyr (Howard Klug, Jorge Montilla, Min-Ho Yeh)

"Volando" is Spanish for "flying," and in this short fanfare the three clarinets are certainly asked to fly through many notes in rapid order, requiring great agility on the part of the performers. Lasting about three and one half minutes, Volando is in six sections:

A    Fanfare I - Departure. Perhaps the most typically 'fanfare'-like music in the work, the opening presents the basic musical material of the composition in mostly unison declarative exclamations.

B    Chirping. A wild cacophony of bird-like chirping.

C    Fluttering. Muted echoes of the chirps, now as tentative flutters, culminating in some rather labored flapping.

D    Soaring. Long ascending scales elided between the players, gaining energy and then juxtaposed with more flutters.

E    Flocking. The three parts (birds?) converge into rhythmically propulsive arpeggios in octaves.

F    Fanfare II - Arrival. The concluding fanfare summarizes all of the musical elements in the work.

Score Samples

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