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(1998) by David Dzubay
for Violin and Piano
[Newly edited in Feb., 2006]

duration: 10 minutes
program note:

My Capriccio has many of the standard attributes of other capriccios - contrasting textures and moods, unexpected chromatic twists, repeated sections, and just a certain capricious flow. Alternating between three cadenzas and three allegros, Capriccio is built out of a rather simple theme, which is based on pitches derived from the letters in Corey Cerovsek's name. Initially presented in the first cadenza (with some elaboration), the theme permeates all the other sections, thus the work is a loose set of variations. Despite all the chromatic twists and turns, I am going to still claim that Capriccio is in A minor. (David Dzubay)

capriccio(pdf of entire score for perusal. If you need a hard copy printed, please order it from me).

violin part

innova 588 innova 588   dancesing in a green bay
Chamber Music of David Dzubay
Voices of Change (Maria Schleuning, Jo Boatright)

IUsom11 IUSM-13   David Dzubay, Chansons Innocentes
Corey Cerovsek, violin; Shigeo Neriki, piano


score samples (pages 1, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13):