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NOTE: Many works have full perusal score PDFs available (for web viewing only). Click on DETAILS from the catalog, and you'll get to a page with links for scores and recordings. These links point to excerpted GIFs pasted into the DETAILS pages. filaments of memory spin... for band or orchestra (1998)
Acrostic Variations for brass quintet (1998)
All in Green for soprano and piano (2007)
all water has a perfect memory for sextet (2007)
American Midlife for solo clarinet and orchestra (2004)
American Midlife for clarinet and piano (2004)
Capriccio for violin and piano (1998)
Chansons Innocentes for nonet (1988)
dancesing in a green bay for soprano and sextet (1999)
Delicious Silence for violin (2010)
Doppelgänger for two violins and chamber orchestra (2000)
Double Black Diamond for chamber orchestra (2005)
Elegy & Quickstep for band (2004)
Fanfares on Re for Ray for wind ensemble (2003)
Footprints for flute and piano (2002)
Five Dream Songs for chorus (2004)
Imagined Ritual - Kukulkan for piano trio (2001)
Inaugural Fanfare for Six Trumpets (2007)
Kukulkan II for fl, cl, vn, vc, pn(2007) 
Labyrinth for ensemble (1994)  
Light Fantastick for orchestra (2007)  
Lullaby for guitar (1997)
Myaku for band (1999)
for band (2007)
Northwest Passages (2004)
Of Man & Machines for trombone trio (or quartet) (2005)
Orchestra-Schmorchestra! for orchestra & narrator (2000)
Pathways for three trumpets (2005)
Projectus for trumpet and wind octet (1995)

Ra! for orchestra or band (2002)
 "Rage, rage..." for orchestra (1997)
Roll for band (2004)
Saint Vitus' Dance for brass quintet (2003)
Scherzo for guitar (1997)
Shadow Dance for orchestra (2002)
Shadow Dance for band (2006)
Shake, Rattle & Roll for band (2004)
Siren Song for orchestra (1987, rev. 1997)
Singing the Sun for mezzo soprano and sextet (2001)
Snake Alley for orchestra (1989, rev. 1998)
Solus I for horn (1990)
Solus Ib for tuba (2006)
Solus II for clarinet (2006)
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1995)
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1992)
Sonneries for trumpet quintet (2009, rev. 2010)
Spring (1997) for orchestra
Starry Messenger for percussion ensemble (2008)
String Quartet No. 1 (2008)
sun moon stars rain for orchestra (1997)
Sun Songs for soprano and piano (2007)
Symphonic Dance for orchestra (1985)
Symphony No. 1 for orchestra (1997)
Three Night Scenes for trumpet and piano (2006)
Threnody for string quartet (1987/93)
Trio for violin, cello and piano (1992)
Two Celebratory Fanfares for Six Trumpets (1995)
Vision for large ensemble (2000)
Volando for clarinet trio (2003)
Wind Says Good Night for orchestra, narrator & soloists (1996)

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